Executive Search

Proxima specializes in high-level talent acquisition. Our team is skilled in locating, assessing and hiring business leaders with outstanding track records for your organization, and provides our clients with the best talent that the industry has to offer.

CEO Services

This service relates to the hiring at the topmost level of any organization, both public and private. Our specially dedicated CEO Services team works on this mandate across different industries.

Mid-Level Search Services (MLS)

We offer Mid-Level Search Solutions, to deliver the right candidates for your company by leveraging on our proprietary global database and cutting-edge technology across many markets and practice areas. Our consultants meet your company's specific requirements for key individual hires with customized approach and minimal overhead. We lay emphasis on finding quality talent.

Board Services

With an increasing thrust on corporate governance, Proxima has a set of qualified professionals who focus on recruiting for Boards of Directors, offering their advice on issues relating to corporate governance. We understand the need and processes of recruiting Board members of high stature and capability.

Proxima provides Interim Management Services to help your organization meet short-term business goals, overcome challenges, resolve crises or seize new opportunities. This cost-effective service is targeted at companies who would like to hire specialists/experienced professionals for a particular short term project but would rather not change the existing organization structure.

Our Human Capital business supports clients in optimizing performance by meeting your most critical needs - managing, rewarding and engaging talent; achieving responsible executive remuneration; and enhancing HR effectiveness. Proxima's HR Consulting services assist clients in addressing business challenges effectively. Our cost-effective end-to-end HR solutions are tailor-made to suit your business and need.

Organizational Development Services

We facilitate your progress towards improving capacity to handle internal and external functioning and relationships. This would include improved interpersonal and group processes, more effective communication, enhanced ability to cope with organizational problems of all kinds, more effective decision processes, more appropriate leadership style, improved skill in dealing with destructive conflict, and higher levels of trust and cooperation among organizational members.

Compensation and Rewards Services

This service helps clients bridge the gap between the organization's goals and objectives and the employee's focus and actions. This would include Compensation Analytics, which provide critical information and insight used to make prudent compensation decisions. We collate and analyze market data to offer general and customized surveys, covering both individual pay components and total compensation competitiveness.

Retirement Programs

We help you derive maximum value from your investments, facilitating the management of plan policies by instituting a robust governance structure that connects such policies to strategic business objectives.

Training Management Services enable you to identify the training needs of your company, which are vital to meet organization goals. Proxima facilitates the drawing up of suitable training programs for the business, structures the training program, and develops content for the same. Apart from this, we also identify suitable and competent faculty (trainers) to conduct your program.

Proxima enables you to outsource or transfer all or part of your recruitment activities to us. We help cut through the competition to the most talented individuals quickly and efficiently, thus taking on the burden of operational recruitment activities and freeing the organization's time to focus on value-generation and strategic activities. This service increases the client's time to hire, enhances the quality of the candidate pool, provides verifiable metrics, reduces cost and improves compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

The fixed investment costs are changed into variable costs that vary with fluctuation in recruitment activity. Companies may pay by transaction rather than by staff member, thus avoiding under-utilization or forcing costly layoffs of staff when activity is low.